Whangarei Marine Services have a well equiped workshop at 93 Port Road. Contact us if you need repairs due to wear and tear, accidental contact with objects more solid than water, encounters with extreme forces of nature, or just the relentless desire for improvement. Our technicians are proficient at designing, building and implementing repairs and improvements.

We routinely

  • source and fit new parts and accessories
  • repair and refurbish worn or damaged parts
  • remove rust and treat metal
  • assess accident damage for insurance claims and repair
  • carry out custom fabrication.

Smaller repairs can be carried out in-situ, with the boat in the water or at one of the local haul out yards. As jobs get bigger a point is reached where it is more economical to move things back to the workshop. Most components can be transported in the vans, with the crane truck called in for engines or larger gearboxes. The workshop is also the destination if the technicians need a press, lathe, welder, parts cleaner or sandblaster.

Our technicians will tackle anything mechanical - from the capstan winch all the way aft to exhaust through hull fittings.

Our three most common jobs are leaking salt water pumps, corroded or blocked heat exchangers or coolers, and saildrives with water in the oil. We are often asked for estimates, but of all the hundreds of repairs we have done we have yet to have two the same. We can supply average expected times, but note that variance could mean some jobs take twice as long.

Salt Water Pump

2-4 Hours

  • Strip pump and clean
  • Replace all seals
  • Replace bearings
  • Replace cam and shaft if needed
  • Replace impeller
  • Pressure test

Heat Exchanger

4-10 Hours

  • Remove heat exchanger
  • Remove end caps and core
  • Acid dip core
  • Sandblast housing and caps
  • Replace orings and seals
  • Reassemble cooler
  • Pressure test and paint
  • Refit on engine

Saildrive Bottom Seals

2-6 Hours

  • Drain oil
  • Remove propellers
  • Remove bearing carrier
  • Strip and clean shaft
  • Press out seals and bearings
  • Replace seals
  • Reassemble bearing carrier
  • Refit bearing carrier
  • Pressure test drive
  • Fill with oil

Repair or Replace

If your engine is getting tired Whangarei Marine Services are happy to discuss the various options and costs to repair or replace. This includes going new with Volvo Penta or Yanmar, or working with current engines.

While most modern engines are smaller overall compared to their predecessors, they don't alway fit in the existing engine space. If they do fit the sump may bottom out, or have the wrong shaft alignment, or the access to maintenance parts isn't available. In those situations we can usually offer various levels of rebuild - from complete strip down to individual component overhaul.

Wherever possible rebuilds are carried out using genuine parts. In many cases this means long lead times, so we encourage customers to Contact Us early in the planning phase.

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